Quad Cities Parrot Society
We are a group of people who have a love for our pet birds.  We share information,
knowledge and our diverse expertise to enhance the lives of ourselves and our birds.

When possible we take in discarded birds and rehabilitate them.  We then try to find them a
new home where they can thrive.  We also work with other agencies to improve overall life
of all birds.   

Helping one feather at a time !

      Teske's Pet and Garden Shop
                                        Moline     Bettendorf

A special thank you to Teske's Pet and Garden Shops for exending a 10% off discount card to all
members to use towards the purchase of regular prices Bird Supplies.

Starting  April 2011 you must present your card to get your discount
You CAN NOT simply state you are a member, doing so if fraud and unfair. There have been
some instances of persons misrepresenting themselves as club members to get our discount,  
Remember this is a Favor Teske's has done for us, we need to respect them and if we are there
and see or hear of someone misrepresenting themselves we need to address it.
Bird Club Meeting
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Quad Cities Parrot Society is a 501C3 Organization
Your Donation will
help us take care of
rescue birds,
rehabilitations and
then the adoption to
loving homes.  

Please do not pay
dues via this service,
all monies collected
through PayPal are
strickly considered
donations only.
This corporate sponsor has donated the
use their stores in both Moline and
Davenport for our monthly club
meetings.    And through the PetCo
Foundation  they have donated many
items and several large parrot cages
Pictures below are from our May 11th 2019 Meeting
Scroll Down to see pictures
from our latest meeting
New Rescues, Click here!
Next Event:   Saturday June 8, 2019

Rock Painting at Petco, Davenport     6:00pm

For this event please do not  bring you birds,
since we will be using paint, we don't want to
take an unnecessary risk.