How to Give Up Smoking

Choosing that you’re going to stop smoking is only the beginning. To help you become successful, you should know where to begin on your journey in giving up smoking West Lothian.  

Aside from coping with the withdrawal symptoms and changing your behavior, you also have to look for other ways to handle your moods if you want to quit smoking.  

You can easily get rid of this bad habit for good and become a smoke-free individual with the right strategy. Here are several ways that can help you begin smoking termination.  

Get Ready for Quit Day 

You should be prepared to set a quit date after you’ve chosen to stop smoking. Choose a day that isn’t too far. With this, you will not have the chance to change your mind. However, make sure the date is far enough to provide you adequate time to get ready.  

There are a couple of methods to stop smoking. However, you have to ultimately choose whether you’re going to: 

  • Quit slowly – You will gradually lower your cigarette intake until the quit date and then stop.  
  • Quit immediately – Continue your habit up until the quit date and then stop. 

According to studies, slowly quitting and immediately quitting, when compared, has no difference. That is why it is best to pick a technique that fits you properly.  

Look for Behavioral Support 

The physical and emotional dependence you’ve got on smoking makes it hard to get rid of nicotine after the quit day. That’s why you have to tackle this dependence if you want to quit. To get through this stage, trying support services, self-help materials, and counseling services can help you. Your emotional symptoms will get better as your physical ones do over time.  

Mixing medication like Varenicline, Bupropion, and NRT, with behavioral support has been proven to improve the possibilities of long-term smoking termination by up to 25%. 

Behavioral support can range from advice and written information to individual counseling online, by phone, or in-person and group therapy. There are also self-help materials that improve quit rates without using any support.  

Try Non-Nicotine Meds 

To help smokers quit, there are 2 non-nicotine-containing drugs that have been approved by the FDA. These are Chantix (Varenicline) and Zyban (Bupropion). 

Since you’ll require a prescription, if you feel that you’d like to try these meds to help you stop smoking, you have to talk to your healthcare provider.  

Suicidal actions or thoughts, hostility, aggression, depressed mood, and behavioral changes are the risks included in using these drugs.  

Use NRTs 

Quitting smoking, also known as going cold turkey, without the help of therapy, medication, or NRT, is a common way of giving up smoking. But, only about 6% of these quit attempts are successful. A lot of individuals easily underestimate how strong nicotine dependence actually is.  

NRT can lower the withdrawal symptoms and cravings you experience that might stop your attempt in giving up smoking. They’re made to wean off your body from cigarettes and supply you with a controlled dose of nicotine.  

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